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Daily Folders

Here is a form that I created after years of trial and error.  I wanted to make something that would give parents as much information about their child's day while keeping it simple and quick for the teacher to fill out on a daily basis.  This is just a sample that can be customized to fit your school's behavior plan and color charts.

Behavior Calendar


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KA-BOOM! (A basic facts game).

This game is a great alternative to Around the World with flash cards.  I picked this up at a training my first year of teaching and I've been using it ever since.  The kids love it and it allows every child a chance at answering the math facts.

All students stand at their desk.  The teacher walks around the room with the Kaboom can to each student one at a time.  The student will:
1.  draw a card out of the Kaboom can,
2.  answer the basic fact problem,
3.  answer correctly and the student stays standing,
4.  answer incorrectly and the student sits down,
5.  draw a Kaboom! card and the student sits down.
The last student standing is the winner.

Here's how I made my new Kaboom cans...

1.  Clean the empty cans.
2.  Measure and cut colorful scrapbook paper.
3.  Glue paper on cans.
4.  Add stickers and done!

You can print out the addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division cards here.

Side note, have fun with it!  Do a little dance or make up a cheer when we get …

The First Days of School Book Study part 1

Every summer I like to read How to be an Effective Teacher the First Days of School by Harry K. Wong and Rosemary T. Wong.  It's a tradition.  It also helps me to start the year organized, inspired, and confident.  Here are my notes from each unit, plus additional information from internet searches, Pinterest, etc. that I found useful and actually do/use in my classroom from year to year. I have read this book cover-to-cover at least 6 times! Must read for new teachers.
Unit A helps you to understand why you are teaching in the first place.

1.  Why you need to succeed on the first days of school: Consistency is key:  this creates a safe environment for students that is also predictable and nurturingCome up with a good classroom management plan and stick to itA sample classroom management plan from Smart Classroom ManagementA sample powerpoint presentationA sample 2nd grade plan Classroom management wall

Check out my piles!!

TAH-DAH!!  Welcome to my very first link-up courtesy of Mrs. Bainbridge's Class.  (I feel silly saying linky, I'm new to this blogging stuff.  Give me time) ;)

So here's my story...

I am something of a pro when it comes to packing up my room.  At my old district, of the 6 years I spent teaching I've had to pack up and move everything out of my room about 6 times.  Yikes!  Once, I moved rooms during the school year, with the kids in the room, in the middle of the day, given a 3 days notice (not complaining, It was a move for the better ;)).  So yeah, I got this under control.

This will be my first year in a new district, I cannot wait to get my junk out of the attic.  (That would be my ENTIRE classroom)!!

Did I mention that I can't wait to get into my classroom??  Less than a month and I can start setting up!